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Great you came here! I am Bennet Breier, scientific researcher, freelancing Python developer, and vocal enthusiast. I was born and raised at Lake Starnberg, studied a BSc Informatics in Munich, then an MSc Artificial Intelligence in Edinburgh, and am now living and working in Düsseldorf, Germany. Find out more on my About Page!

Experience as Data Engineer

Developer. Python and the cloud is a dream-team in technological development. We want fast and easy programming, while at the same time having fast and easy applications. Especially data-driven applications benefit from the simple and well-established way Python handles data.

Having people whose abilities and work-ethics you trust is a key pre-requisite for successful projects. They allow you to relax and enjoy the process because they ensure that specific pieces of code are delivered in a timely and well-conceived manner. I always work towards highest standards in team collaboration and team outcome, so that you have rightful peace of mind about your project. This is what drives me at Unit8.

Advances in Academia

Scientist. Neuroscientific research caught my eye six years ago during my studies in BSc Informatics, when I wondered how brains compare to computers as information processing machines. Can it be so hard to figure out the hardware and software behind memory storage and retrieval in the brain? All our minds are based on the principles of this neuro-IO-machine, but little do we know or understand it. Fascinated, I wanted to find out what’s known and what’s not.

I’ve always loved travelling around the world, enjoyed a semester each at HKBU Hong Kong and IITB Mumbai, and ventured through South America on a motorcycle for half a year. Say “yes” to an adventure and it will change your life!

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Abilities as a Speaker — Hire Bennet Breier

Vocalist. Music is my passion and vocal vibrations my favorite instrument. Eight years of comprehensive piano training opened up the world of harmonies, rhythm, and melodies to me. At some point, I taught myself to play the acoustic guitar, but just to make singing more fun. While I’ve always loved singing (there’s a video of me at age three singing at the piano), I started taking lessons six years ago. Since then I’ve made incredible progress and now want to use it as a means to touch my fellow humans’ hearts.

An engaging and thrilling vocal presentation makes products ever so desirable. Let’s build yours together!