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Great you came here! I am BenJi Bennet Breier, scientific researcher and vocal music enthusiast. I was born and raised at Lake Starnberg, studied a BSc Informatics in Munich, then an MSc Artificial Intelligence in Edinburgh, and am now living and working in Düsseldorf, Germany. Check out my About Page.

Neuroscientific research caught my eye 6 years ago during my studies in BSc Informatics, when I wondered how brains compare to computers as information processing machines. Can it be so hard to figure out the hardware and software behind memory storage and retrieval in the brain? All our minds are based on the principles of this neuro-IO-machine, but little do we know or understand it. Fascinated I wanted to find out what’s known and what’s not.

I’ve always loved travelling around the world, enjoyed a semester each at HKBU Hong Kong and IITB Mumbai, and ventured through South America on a motorcycle for half a year. Say “yes” to an adventure and it will change your life!

Music is my passion and vocal vibrations my favorite instrument. 8 years of comprehensive piano training opened up the world of harmonies, rhythm, and melodies to me. At some point, I taught myself to play the acoustic guitar, but just to make singing more fun. While I’ve always loved singing (there’s a video of me at age 3 where I sang at the piano), I started taking lessons only at age 20. Since then I’ve made incredible progress and now want to use it as a means to touch my fellow humans’ hearts.

Let me share with you my passion for Spiking Neural Networks and vocal music, or find out what drives me.