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I did my first step on the path of object-oriented programming at school in 2008 using Java. I was fascinated by the endless possibilities of automation and information processing. During my MSc in Artificial Intelligence, however, in a mostly data-driven modeling environment, I was introduced to the Python programming environment and fell in love.

I ended up training a two-stream CNN for video analysis during my MSc thesis and published my results at the conference ICLR2020 in a paper: Analysis of Video Feature Learning in Two-Stream CNNs on the Example of Zebrafish Swim Bout Classification (Breier & Onken, 2019). All code is available in the corresponding GitHub repository.

In Python, I have mainly worked as a Data Scientist using NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Seaborn, scikit-learn, PyTorch, OpenCV, and related libraries. Furthermore, I programmed APIs in FastAPI and Swagger, and web-services in Flask at Deloitte.

Other Experience: GCP

I am a certified Google Cloud Professional Architect since 2020.

Other Experience: Java

BSc Informatics at Technische Universität München:
Lectures and course work: Polymorphism and Inheritance; Interfaces, Abstract classes, Packaging; Debugging; Multi-threading; RegEx; JDBC; (Generics)
Student project: implement a travel planning portal, using REST APIs (e.g. for weather conditions)

BSc TUM-BWL at Technische Universität München:
Bachelor’s thesis: implement a framework around CPLEX for running optimization programs in the field of car-sharing optimization

High School seminar Project: Implement a conference app (iOS and Android) for EARLI2013 (mainly data handling in Java, included parsing a long XML document with all information on the conference (speakers, venues, dates, etc.) and making the data available in the app; also processing the handling of user input data) (Abstract)
Working student: developer at Weptun GmbH implementing business apps for iOS and Android (back then used Apache Servers and Jenkins pipeline)

Other object-oriented experience: PHP and C#

PHP: Implement a completely customized Magento online-shop system at Leuze & Söhne
C#: .NET implementation of the backend of an Angular app at Deloitte